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Healthy Dining Chicago is a volunteer-driven, member-supported community effort dedicated to helping consumers make smart, informed choices that are kind to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Supporting club membership perks include:

  • a steady diet of weekly e-newsletters chock-full of bite-sized, easy-to-digest morsels of practical information, valuable resources and upcoming event alerts
  • your questions researched and answered by an expert free of charge – ask us anything!
  • the opportunity to have your special announcements sent to fellow members and volunteers
  • a copy of our Restaurant Go Guide which lists dozens of city and suburban earth-friendly eateries that use high-quality ingredients (wholesome whole grains; healthy fats and oils; real maple syrup, seasonal, local organic produce); serve fair-trade items; offer eco-friendly leftover/takeout containers; and feature lots of vegetarian-friendly menu options
  • discounted or free admission to HDC events/programs
  • e-alerts of time sensitive info including one-day deals, local appearances, and on-sale-now finds


HDC Supporting Membership options:

2013 New/Renewing Membership - $24
Receive all supporting member benefits through December 2013,

To join or to renew your HDC membership, send the appropriate membership fee using Option #1 or Option #3 found on the Purchase/Payment Options page.

Member and Reader Comments

"Healthy Dining Chicago helps keep me focused on my health and provides me with simple changes that I can make. I like the format of the newsletter and there’s some information that I don’t see elsewhere."
~ Jeanine

"Most of the free content out there seems to be either 'junk', nonsense, or a vehicle for advertisement. I think of Healthy Dining Chicago the same way I think of Utne. Totally worth the (very) small price per year."
~ Mary Ann E.

"I believe in only eating healthy whole foods and supporting local producers. Healthy Dining Chicago feels the same way."
~ Kathy C.

"Healthy Dining Chicago gathers information and condenses it into sound bites which saves me time!" :-)

"I hate surfing for information, Healthy Dining Chicago tells me what I need to know. Thanks to Healthy Dining Chicago, I am much more conscious of what I am buying and eating, read labels more carefully, buy more organic."
~ Wendy I.

"Healthy Dining Chicago does a great job condensing important information and highlighting critical issues."
~ Mara

"Healthy Dining Chicago makes it easier for me to eat healthy."
~ Nora

"Healthy Dining Chicago encourages me to be more aware of the food I eat and the issues of food safety/production and offers a great assortment of information!"
~ Maura J.

"Thanks so much for your bright, RELEVANT writings. Many of us are better off for them."
~ Sylvia

"Your newsletters offer a wealth of knowledge and are chock full of all sorts of interesting resources."
~ Matthew

"I love the tips for saving money!"
~ Jackie

"If you are interested in saving money on food and learning a bit more about cooking, check out Healthy Dining Chicago. I recently subscribed and find they have a lot of great ideas to offer." 
Matthew F.

"Laura, I wanted to let you know how much your newsletters have helped me.  Your Guide (Eat Well for Less) is great, too. Prompted by an earlier issue, I threw out 30 fast-food delivery menus one  day!  It  was exhilarating!" 
Felicia K.

"I go thru the older copies of HDC and there's always something that I'm thinking about right now that you've written about and I'm so glad I have the benefit of your nutritional attention."  

"I enjoy your newsletter. What a great resource - chock full of wonderful info! I completely agree with you regarding your 'dream' of having measuring cups/spoons available in the bulk department [" My Ideal Grocery Store," February 2006]! I cooked at a retreat once and was sent out to a small health food store to get 18 cups of oat flour - only available in bulk. I can eyeball it pretty well, use my hand as a guide...but what a nuisance!"  

"Thanks for the newest HDC newsletter. It is full of great info as always, but I especially liked the material on where to eat, and the reference to the Cancer Project. What a great site!"  

"I am familiar with your publication and find it informative and of great value to those seeking better health through wholesome foods."
~ Rachelle Meade, RD, LDN


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